Finding a 32" HD TV for under £300

    Hi Im trying to find a 32" HD Tv for under £300 and have managed to find 2 models that fit the bill-




    There seems to be some pretty tech savvy people on this website so was wondering if anyone could point out the pros/cons of each, which one they would go for etc. Alternatively if they have found any other models in this price range that are better than these 2 than please point me in their direction.

    Before anyone says I know that paying this much money for a HD TV of this size is going to be pretty low spec but im okay with that and I really cant afford to go over the £300 mark.

    Any help/advice/what to look out for will be greatly appreciated.



    Ive got the one from ebuyer. As you say not going to be the best for the price, but i think its really good value. Pictures good quality. Good value for money!

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    Thanks Homer,

    So you havent had any problems with the Vistron model? I read somewhere on here about ebuyer sending out returns of this model and people having various problems with the set.

    No problems really. Even hooked it up with my PC with HDMI cable and the picture quality was amazing.
    Can't exactly go wrong really for £300, unless you want to spend £400-£450!!!

    i was going to buy this, but was put off by the reviews, some good some bad....

    you can get a samsung with better resolution for around £370... i think the extra £70 will mean peace of mind... let me know what you do

    thanks for this... will take a look


    hi mate i have the 32 inch hanspree from ebuyer. think they dont seel it there anymore.

    but i can reccomend it. nice tv and cheap. really good brand in america and Asia they say but no as well known here. comes with 2! HDMI sockets as well which is nice for high def gaming.
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