finding a laptop?

    hi my mum wants a laptop as my brothers allways p1ss about in her comp messing it up, i dont really know what good deals are, so i was wondering if anyone will help me?,

    it doesnt need to be anything special, she only wants to go on the internet, no games or anything like that, she wants the wirless built into it already, she wants a pink laptop (but i could prob change her mind on that) she is also funny about buying one online but i could prob change her mind on that, her top budget is £300, she also wants a wirless router (if that what you call it) for her ntl and a usb thing to go into the back of my brothers desktop so he can pick up the internet connection


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    This is £380 but a good spec for the money and a decent brand.


    You're after a DSL router if she's on NTL / Virgin.
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