Finding a laptop for £500

    So since Black Friday i've been trying to find a 15" Laptop, that has a FHD screen, SSD and decent amount of RAM.

    I either seem to find something that has a graphics card and therefore makes it over budget or something that doesn't quite cut it due to the CPU.

    Does anyone know of any laptops that meet the above specification for approx £500?


    This was £500 (but only 14") but now about £550.…572

    7.7% quidco until the end of TODAY.

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    Not looked but try here
    clicky link

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    This was £500 (but only 14") but now about … This was £500 (but only 14") but now about £550. quidco until the end of TODAY.

    I nearly went for that at the time it was posted but held out for something similar with a 15" screen, it does have a great spec tied with the £50 off that was available at the time.

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    Not looked but try hereclicky link

    Thanks, came across a HP on there that looks good.

    A lot of people on her have bought from them, they have quite a good reputation..

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    This is it. … This is it. £467.

    I've been sitting on that deal since Friday if nothing better comes up, it was my backup as such!
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