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Found 30th Dec 2017
Good morning

I'm looking into purchasing a new laptop, preferably 17" which is mainly going to be used for Photoshop no gaming required. I have seen the deal for the HP OMEN 17-an013na but it has quite a hefty pricetag (looking to spend about £700 ish) noticed it dosnt come with an SSD either. Would try and sell the VR but theirs no guarantee somebody will buy.
Would anyone be able to advise on any other 17" laptops.
Any help/ advice would be appreciated.
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I wouldn't worry too much about the spec in terms of processing power (as long as it's reasonable you should be fine), and an SSD isn't essential, however make sure if it has a mechanical HDD that it's not 5200 RPM. More important is the screen. Most laptops will be a let down for editing because of the poor screen specification, so you want to do a bit of research into what makes a good screen for editing. It might even make sense to buy a laptop with a mediocre screen and buy a separate monitor if you are not planning on being mobile. Some Dell Ultrasharps have a good rep as well as BenQ if you want to go that route.
If you have to use a laptop to edit on, and not connecting it to a proper screen.
I'd say, choose one with a good quality screen with a wide colour gamut (ideally with a wide Adobe RGB gamut) and also stick plenty of RAM it in.
16GBs should be about right. More RAM is better than less.
But that depends on how big your camera files are and if you're shooting Panos and blending multiple photos etc.
Many thanks for your advice traylee + Derek_Horatio_Shatwell. Will ensure the screen is up to spec, poss look into separate screen later on.
Thanks again
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