finding a telephone number of residential person?

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hi. I ordered something from eBay, and it has happened in the past, we have not received the item. should have been here by now. I have just found out there is a similar named street about 5 miles away.. is there a way to find the telephone number of this house if I only know the address? so I can call them and see if my parcel is there.

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I would imagine the people at the other address are aware of how similar your addresses are. I have a similar situation here where we keep getting takeaways delivered for a house the other side of town The town planners decided to have 2 roads with the same name except for one letter.
You could either go to the other address or mail them a letter and include your phone number. Personally I would go there if it is something of value they may say they haven't received it even if they have. People find it easier to lie on the phone than face to face.

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Your proof it was ever posted is...?

I live in a close and a new close with the same name was built a few years ago about 2 miles away! Crazy they allowed it, even though postcode is slightly different you can understand the confusion this has caused. They got my mobile, I got their PC, for sale board went up in the wrong close etc

Personally I wouldn't even bother with going to the other address, I'd just raise a missing package enquiry with Royal Mail/eBay etc

Open a case with ebay


Open a case with ebay

Was just going to suggest the same. Not your fault it didn't get delivered

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I have contacted the seller and they are sending a replacement. thought would be easier to find contact details , guess not. thanks for replies chaps .
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