Finding a ultraportable laptop, not a netbook.

    As it stands i have an Acer Aspire One netbook, its nice and portable and a good machine, the more i use it, the more i try to do on it; and i find it just too slow and slightly too small for day to day use.

    So, i want to get an ultra portable laptop, not a netbook as they all have 1.6GHz Atom chips which are just too slow for the apps i use. I know what minimum spec i need. It is as follows.

    11 to 13.3 inch screen
    2.0ghz Core 2 Duo
    2GB Ram
    DVD-RW Drive (slot loading)
    4 Cell Battery
    Built in web cam
    HDD space not important

    Im looking to spend no more then £500, if something is slightly more, or has better spec i will think about it.

    Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Edit, the best ive seen for the money so far is from Dell the Vostro 1310


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    Thanks for your input so far, ive been thinking about it and it looks like im goin to go for one with a screen of 12.1" or smaller. That acer looks fantastic spec for the money. Any other laptops with the same size screen and spec for simular money? The samsungs nice too, only 90 quid more for a propper graphics chip, but its let down by being a pentium chip rather then a core 2 duo.

    Im off to PC world later to take a look at the Acer 2930.

    What do you think of this? Ive found the Core 2 duo version of the samsung Q210 for only £425 (Out of stock tho). Better then the Acer 2930 deal?
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