Finding a wedding gift??!!!

Found 15th Dec 2008
Me and my partner have been invited to a wedding this Saturday, I used to be very good friends with the bride.
But the bride and groom to be haven't written a gift list, they would prefer some cash in a card.
Im not entirly happy to do that, does anybody have any ideas on what we could give the bride and groom who has everything??...I dont really want to spend a huge amount either, maybe something which was expensive and now been reduced?

Any help would be grreat, Cheers!!
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I think asking for money is rude, it makes people feel uncomfortable. My friend is getting married in February and has asked the same. How about clubbing together with some other friends who are going and all put some money in to a nice piggy bank? That way, noone knows who has contributed what so people won't feel bad if they can't afford much?
sucky huh....what can u do but comply.
banana makes a good point....
i got married last feb & we have everything so we asked for vouchers, people were happy 2 give them.
i too think it is rude banana has a good idea about clubbing together
a nice photo album/frame-or a bottle of bubbly?

do you know what they are doing fro honeymoon-how about a book about where they are going and some sun cream and a book each-might appreciate you'd thought about it and decided on something useful?
I think vouchers are a great idea, money is somehow much more personal. Pretty much the same thing but I would feel much more comfortable giving vouchers.
i think money is rude if they actualy ask for it - get them some vouchers or as previously suggested a nice bottle of bubbly at this time of year some good dealls about!
when we got married we got vouchers , champagnes , a wedding certificate holder , photo album and is what i would have loved was a scrap book kit so i could make a book of our specail day maybe worth getting on of those.
We got married earlier this year & asked for vouchers so people can spend what they wanted rather than being stuck to a gift list.

Saying that, a few people gave us some gifts and it was a lovely surprise, here's a list of them:-

Mr & Mrs mugs
photo frames
bottles of champagne
silver serving knife & fork
A friend of ours took photos and made a collage of some of the pictures and put them in a frame, we obviously got this a few days later but it was so lovely it made me cry!

It's the thought that counts and you really don't have to spend a lot x
Argos vouchers are very popular as they sell virtually everything these days.....When i worked there they actually did a wedding list service and if one persons buys something its goes on a list so other guests dont buy same thing.

His n Her Dressing gowns...you cant go wrong with these, or his n her towels
How about a digital frame, you could then take some photos on the day and even give them the memory card afterwards, x
Thanks for all you help, I think we'll go for a bottle of bubbly and vouchers, then they can get what they need.
Cheers again everybody!! :santa:
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