Finding junk I've left on my PC - help please!

    My PC is on the verge of melt down.

    I need to back up the files on my ne external HDD but before I do, I'd quite like to lose some of the rubbish that's on the machine.

    Is there a way of sorting all the folders in "documents" by size so I can see if there are any 4.35gb DVD sized files hiding anywhere?

    When i search it just sorts individual files and not folders into size.



    Just click on the Search Option in XP/Vista and choose to search by files/folders. Click on the option to specify a size and choose 'at least' then type in the number in kb.

    You don't have to be accurate, just type in 1000000 for 1GB (it's just under but close enough) or 4000000 for 4GB files.

    download a prog called foldersizes (from [url][/url]) it'll show u where all the space is being used up!


    tune up utilities 2009 program has everything you need

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    Brilliant answers, many thanks I will give them a go.

    Next question, is there a decent freeware programme that can find duplicate files on the PC too?


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    Thanks Soupy

    Bit late now I know, but if you want to find out the folder sizes on a PC:

    Works everytime - and displays a graphical representation of the files types on your HDD :thumbsup:
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