Finding long running threads

    I have been using HotUKDeals for ages, but now and again get to hear about a long running thread.

    Here, for example, is a long running thread where people post their photographs…=85

    I seem to remember hearing about a computer based one as well (building PCs)?

    How does one find these threads, are they listed anywhere or do they have a searchable keyword.

    Are there others?

    If I dont know this information how are new visitors going to find them.

    Could we add a link or option for people to easily find long running threads.


    games and audience participation threads tend to be kept alive, but then there are those that are brought up due to a convo in a particular thread (ie the picture one)

    don't think they are activly searched for.

    Of course there are those threads that shouldn never die:…642

    Default search will only find threads 6 months old and newer so you need to use advanced search and select older.

    Also..........beware...........bumping old threads without good reason earns you a ticking off and possibly a day in the naughty corner.........ALONE!!! lol

    To find the threads, it's easier if you know one or two words in the title, and/or the thread starter.

    Use the ]Advanced Search, and the more fields you can fill in, the better the result.

    Once you have found them, bookmark or Subscribe to them to find them easily in the future.

    Hehe nice one MM. :thumbsup:

    A couple of options are to choose the 'discussed' tab rather than new or to go to Advanced seach and put in a high number for the posts.
    This is what you get returned for 1000 posts…Now
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