Finding old deals details older than 2 years?

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Found 23rd Jun 2008
Is there anyway of checking some details on an old deal that was posted more than 2 years ago??



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Yeah, you can search for it if you know some keywords...tell us a bit about it and someone will help you find it

Is the deal you're looking for 2 for 1 on milk??????

Its now 2 for 1 on yoghurt.

Slightly off topic but fed up lately. Posted 2 deals in past few weeks but both taken off because already posted. No problem with that except I did searches both times and none of the deals came up, for weeks back.

Mod showed me thread with recent deal in past 2 weeks. Why does the search not pick this up. Have asked but got no response. Wastes a lot of time for those of us who are not prolific deal posters

The search isn't the best, but a good method of searching is to contain your search in quotes e.g.

"samsung LCD" instead of samsung LCD.

the quoted search will bring up samsung lcd tv's where as the second search will bring up ANYTHING made by samsung and ANY LCD tv (which will add 10's or 100's of results to your search results depending on you search for)

Don't be too specific with your quoted search, and make sure the words are in the correct order - "Hovis bread", not "Bread hovis".

This will be especially effective for searching for old deals where there could be many many results with your search strings! (for OP)
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