Finding Old Deals? Help Please


    I have searched expired deals, i have searched unexpired deals, but can't find the deals i am looking for, which were previously posted.

    Deals in particular i am looking for from this past week:

    £9,99 10" LCD TV
    And any of the pages referring to the australian travel flight deals.

    Why do these seem so hard to find? What am i doing wrong? If they don't exist any longer, why are they removed completely, why not stored somewhere else on the site.

    For example just because a deal is finished, doesn't mean people might not want to go back to that site at a later date. It would be good to have a way of accessing old deals.

    Anyway, any help or advice people can give me to find old deals, particularly the ones above, i'd be grateful.




    They wouldn't remove a deal just because it is no longer available. If it isn't there, it is because it was removed for a specific reason.

    You need to give more information as to what was in the title or who started it for me to help, as your description is too vague.

    Original Poster

    thanks it was that one, would help if i'd looked for the right dimensions 7" instead of 10"

    how about the australian travel deals, these were voted very hot, but can't seem to find them, can't remember vendor names, there was 3 seperate posts i seem to remember.

    Normally i would bookmark pages of interest, but have been using a public computer most the week, and just got a chance now to catch up on some deals from the week.

    Thanks again for finding the TV deal, your time is appreciated

    IF you search for specific words in the title and put the + sign directly in front of each word it might help

    If you search expedia it comes up with the 3 deals you're talking about


    if you type in, it will bring up a post and then i think someone has asked a similar question along the lines " where has the expedia blah blah blah post gone?" and some has answered on either the first or second post.

    hope this helps.

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