Finding out outstanding finance on a car

    Hey People,

    Looking to HPi a car, I took out the £9.95 service from car check to check the status of the car. However to my dismay I noticed it didn't confirm if the car had any outstanding finance...

    Is there any service which can just tell me that? as I don't fancy paying another £20 to get that checked?



    Don't think there is a free service, I used check my its only 3.95 and they tell you, however if the car is an insurance cat c or d it wont say because the insurance company would have paid the finance off when it was paid out.

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    Hey People,

    I asked them why they didn't give such information, and they told me that they only give the history of the car now the financial side. So if you want to check if a car has no oustanding finance, then this service is not for you. They only give you an option where you print of a receipt (they have already made) which states the seller confirms there is no outstanding finance. Which I didn't like the sound off!

    I did a check with the RAC and it let me know loads of things like if it had been in a serious accident, what the chassis number should be, colour etc as well as if there was any finance outstanding. They offered a really good service, not too expensive (under a fiver, but I got it free after cashback but don't think they have that deal any more). That was 2 years ago, but RAC definately told you if there was finance outstanding - might be worth looking into it.

    It's worth checking what actual protection you're given - some cheaper checks may give you the information but don't actually guarantee it or have a reasonably low limit. Although the HPI check is more expensive, as far as I'm aware they also have the highest limit for compensating you if the information turns out to be wrong.

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