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Im hoping someone may be able to help me. I sold a car a while back and sine moved from the address (I let the property out). I have picked up some post and seem to have a fine for "failure to notify the DVLA of a change of keeper".

It was some months ago however I do remember I definitly did send off the registration document. Now the letter with the fine has a different numberplate to that on the car (im guessing it has had a private numberplate now attached).

My question is do I have to pay this fine if I have been sent a completly different numberplate with no reference to the make, model etc of the car. As I dont pick the post up that often the fine has now also increased much to my annoyance.

Any help would be much appreciated.


The DVLA are a pain in the neck to deal with, I've seen a few cases like yours where someone has posted the form off then eventually received a fine for not notifying them of the change of keeper - you are expected to ensure they have got the form and that they do update the registered keeper. It's certainly worth querying the car if you don't recognise the numberplate although it may well end up being a private plate or similar, I'd still check to make sure they haven't made an error though. is a good forum for dealing with motoring legal issues.


Insist you sent the document

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Yeah I have had issues with the DVLA before so I started sending everything by recorded delivery. Only issue is that this was about 4 months ago now so wouldnt have a clue where I would have put the reference number. I have searched the registration on a car check website and it has come up as a jaguar which makes sence as this was the last car I got rid of.

It just frustrates me that they can send you a fine without the make and model and instantly expect you to know what car it is by a private numberplate. Was kind of hoping that if they make a cock up and put down the wrong numberplate then its their problem and not mine. Any thoughts?

In short they'll make it your problem, they're already making the 'change of keeper' your issue when it should be theirs - fighting them just seems to end up costing time and more money. I do recommend Pepipoo though if you want more defintive responses


I thought that only the registered keeper was able to change the number plate with a valid V5 ??

If the number plate has been changed the DVLA WILL have details of the person who applied to change number plate

I`ve just had the same problem, if you dont recieve a letter stating that you are nolonger the registered keeper after 4 weeks, its YOUR job to chase them up.

I`m currently paying a £80 fine for car not being registered as SORN (i sold the car for spares or repair YEARS ago!)

They will just place it inot that hands of a solicitor, then place a default notice on your credit file, and eventually send in the baliffs.

Just do what i did....

Write a letter to dvla asking for you name to be taken off of X,Y,Z registrations, they will do this with no problems

Hope this helps




Insist you sent the document

Its not that easy we just got fined at work for the same, were sure the paperwork was done. They then who when and why we sold it no good we could not remember it was 3 years ago. result FINED.


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Well Just an update for everyone on this one.

I have phoned the DVLA this morning, spoke to a guy and he said that normally it is down to the previous owner to make sure the DVLA receive the new log book / SORN declaration and unless you have done this and made sure they have written to you to confirm you are no longer the registered keeper and kept this letter then basically you are screwed.

I argued that in fact they were trying to fine me for a registration number which has never belonged to me and that in fact it will have previously been on a different car then the fine should not stand. Ultimately they are fining you for the car which should be the original registration. The guy agreed and closed down any fine / court proceedings. Sucess!


My OH had a fine through for not buying a car tax after he had sold a car. Again he had notified them it was sold but they said it was his responsibility to check he had a letter from them. I think this is a money making scam! Especially as it takes them about 6 weeks to send a letter :x
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