Finish Me Off

    We all know the story about the guy & girl that go out in a car, he kisses her but she's scared because theyre in the middle of no where and theres a maniac with a hook for a hand on the loose. He takes her home and discovers a shiney hook on the car door. quite frankly its boring.

    we need new stories, or at the very least new endings, so I offer you the task of giving the following story your own ending, it can be as long or as short as you like..

    A teenage boy drove his date out to the dark and deserted Lookout Point. He turned on the radio.

    Oh, I love this song! his date purred.

    He edged across the seat and leaned over to kiss her.

    Oh, she said, I dont know about this, Charlie.

    Its okayI wont hurt youI promise.

    She relented and began kissing him back. Suddenly the music stopped, and a radio announcer cut in: We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that a serial killer has just escaped from the state insane asylum! If you see a man around town who fits his description, you should alert the police immediately! You will be able to identify him because he has a hook in place of his right hand!

    Oh, Charlie, I want to go home now! the date exclaimed.

    Theres nothing to be scared of, he assured her, and leaned in to kiss her again. She pushed him away. No, Charlie! I want to go home now!

    Fine, if thats the way you want it. He slid back across the seat, jerked the car into gear and sped away from Lookout Point. When they arrived at her house, he got out of the car, slammed his door, and went around to her side of the car to let her out

    your turn

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