Finishing a bottle of something in the shower...

    When you finish a bottle of something in the shower, like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc. do you think
    a) Great, that's another one finished and made some space in the cupboard.
    b) I must remember to buy some more.

    I have just finished a bottle of shampoo and have this momentary feeling of joy, pride and relief knowing I have finished it and now only have 3 bottles of shampoo on the go and not 4 and that there will be an inch of space in my cupboard now I haven't had in ages.

    Is anyone else like this?



    your having a laugh?


    a) I am too tempted by b.o.g.o.f.

    A) as I buy far too many toiletries


    A) as I buy far too many toiletries

    me too! Sainsburys have the whole Champneys range half price and has been for weeks now and I have bought TONS of the stuff!!!

    Then all the other usual tons and tons of stuff - I love buying lotions n potions!


    c) Do nothing and find the wife mysteriously replaces it.

    I think....

    Man I should stop drinking in the shower

    Mines magic anyway...... use it all, leave it in the shower and the next day its been replaced with a full one...

    Also... its like my magic washing basket or floor... just dump it and 1 day later its in the wardrobe hung up and ironed.....:p

    Edited by: "RickT" 18th Oct 2010

    I'm sorry did I read that correctly? You feel proud of yourself when you finish a bottle of shampoo.
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