Finshed First OU Course

    Just handed in my last assignments for my first Open University Course. Im well happy now been stressed out, and just wanted to tell people. Been doing it since september and cant wait to get my mark back,

    Only another 8 to go and 330 points

    Degree here i come!!!


    well done and good luck

    im on my 4th

    had 2 results = pass
    1 recently finished - results july
    business studies doing now

    what did you study?

    well done you!

    Well done for completing it...

    Many congrats, good feeling isn't it?

    How much are Open University courses?

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    Doing B44 BSc Computing and design, Doing T209 along side it as well. Thanks guys will give some rep out :P. They range really AngelFariee, check out [url][/url]. Depending on what you want to do, but you can get financial help to pay for them depending on your household income!!

    how much time do you find that these courses take up? well done by the way. commitment i fear i don't have!

    depends on the course GI - the site give a r ough idea on each one

    Well done. It takes a lot of focus and hard work to achieve OU qualifications. I congratulate you.

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    Depends on the time frame GIJimmy, 10 points course the OU say about 4 hours of study a week for 6 months. 30 Point course 8 hours a week for 6 months and 60 points course 16 hours a week for 6-9 months. Really a guide as i do hardly a fraction of this as i have a Full and Part Time Job and supposedly 24 hours of study a week!!! Ooops lol

    Well done now you can relax!!!


    How much are Open University courses?

    Depends on the course, but you can use tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for them (meaning they only cost a quarter of the price!) I have been saving up for a while, got nearly £400 (£100 vouchers) now.

    I am looking to start a course soon, not decided on which one yet though.
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