Fire 7 or Hudl 2

    Can any technical people tell me if the Fire 7 tablet is much worse than the hudl 2?
    I'm looking for a tablet that will be fast for normal day to day usage.


    The hudle 2 is a much better tablet. The amazon fire is decent for the price but let down by the screen resolution
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    Hudl 2 has the better processor, screen, and speakers. It's also very simple to use.

    The hudl is no longer supported by Tesco but if that is not an issue it's still a good tablet if you can pick up one cheap.

    For £30 the Kindle is still hard to beat, especially if you do buy books to read from Amazon as far better then the standard app

    Hudl 2 is far better and the only reason its better is the Ram for the user, budget tablets its all about the ram, you can have an old tablet high spec out dated android tablet which will out preform any of this current rubbish at 1gb.. same goes with laptops, you can pick up a 4/5 year old dual core top model used for £100 itll out perform any HP Stream, Acer T clip and snap type rubbish.

    Hudl2 still going strong, used everyday since long long time.

    Stereo speakers, full hd 8.3" screen 2gb ram/16gb expandable storage and great battery life.

    I use it in the car attached on the front panel , for films and as a sat nav and I would never change it for any other.

    Two completely different devices.
    Depends on what you need it for and your budget of course.

    Hudl2 can be still bought online but bear in mind that it holds its price.

    We have both at home. Hurd 2 is far better than Amazon fire.

    Hudl 2 for sure

    you could pick up a Grade A one from CEX for £85 - with 2 year warranty…6GA

    and if you buy some vouchers through FS/FT at 80% that would work out at £70 delivered


    Hudl 2. Much better and user friendly.

    Fire is limited to amazon app store unless you know how to hack around that restriction to install Google Play

    I'm not convinced by the Hudl 2. I guess I was unlucky, having had 2 I had to return because of the well known charging issues.

    It just makes me wonder how many failed, otherwise I don't understand why they withdrew a best selling, well reviewed product.
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