Found 18th May 2009
Just spent an hour in B&Q trying to buy fire, surround and plinth. Nobody interested, could not get them off the shelf, or find what was in stock. Assistants kept saying they would come back and didn't.

Trying to spend £500 with them, so now not going to bother. Anyone know where else does a good range of fires & surrounds. Has to be gas fire, remote control. It's for a relative, so does not want the wall mounted modern ones.
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Try [url][/url] we used them when buying our fire and they were fantastic, when they deliver you then have 7 days and if there is any problem no matter how small they will come back and collect or replace the fire. Prices are good aswell. Good luck
ps they are based in yorkshire and we live in gloucestershire but they still delivered for £22
I also work at B&Q , and although not a muppet , if you let me know which store and when I can have a word with the manager \ guys in the store so the next person doesnt get such a bad experience.
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