Found 9th Dec 2008
Just wondering if anyone here has had a similiar problem.
I placed an order on Firebox using a £5 Carling voucher code that I found on here. In the invoice/order confirmation the voucher was accepted and I was told £9.90 would be taken from my account upon despatch. What's actually been taken is £14.90 (ie, the voucher has not been included ). I've emailed them to ask what's happened but just wondered if anyone else has had this. I freely admit I use a lot of vouchers when I buy from Firebox but I didn't think they were allowed to take more from your account than they stated on the invoice. Any input welcomed!

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I didnt think if they tell you that one amount will be taken that they can change it to another amount without notifying you?

I'd kick up a stink with them over that.

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Thanks Ashley, that's what I thought too. It's not that I mind them not accepting the voucher as much as that I was not expecting to be charged more and not notified or given the chance to cancel. I've written a shirty email so we'll wait and see :thumbsup: Every other time I've used Firebox they've been great which is why I was so surprised!
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