Groups deliver to post office now

    I have only used Firebox twice now, and was well impressed by the delivery time/packaging etc from the first order. However, I decided to try the new service that they do, to have the items delivered to a post office of your choice for you to collect at your leisure. I was in my village post office this morning and noticed an orange firebox packet on their shelves, so just asked out of curiosity if this could be mine. Lo and behold it was, and had been sitting there since Saturday (I only ordered on Friday afternoon!).

    I'm writing this just to warn others not to wait for an email from firebox to say that it has been sent, I haven't been informed, but just go to your post office and ask instead. The box doesn't have any details at all on apart from your name.

    I got my complimentary packet of sweets in there too - I didn't dare eat the ones that were in my first order as I thought they must have been dropped in by accident by whoever was packing it, but this second parcel also has a packet of sweets, so I'm guessing that this is normal practice for them and is very sweet of them :-D


    yeah, u always get some sweets

    I'm never at post office, otherwise I'd prob do the post office drop option

    I get everything i order sent to the post office...but then thats cos my mum works there and its easier than getting it sent to an empty house :giggle:
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