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    Hi, i got a problem with Mozilla firefox, as soon as i open it, it crashes, you cant click on tools, the web adress bar or anything. I've tried uninstalling it and re-installing it but its still the same.

    Anyone got any ideas? Or came across this before?

    Cheers, Sean


    Not sure what Firefox or O/S version you are on but this can happen with the Java plugin. Try stopping the Java process under task manager and re-opening Firefox.


    Uninstall it and totally clear out everything related to it this time, since the uninstaller probably leaves various traces behind. Use Ccleaner, then manually wipe out any files or folders relating to it, also any registry keys, and try installing again.

    Try googling for "completely remove Firefox" for stepped instructions, if you need them.

    firefox is alway crshing on me trygt the test version it may help

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    Cheers, i also remembered that i updated it to the latest version which i think was 3.6.6? Im also using Win 7


    install PALEMOON instead. its a slimmed down version of firefox 3.6.3. Cuts out all the junk that no-one uses so more memory efficient and quicker too

    Back up any bookmarks that you've got and try removing all profiles.

    Go to your Firefox directory, create shortcut of the FireFox icon and edit it to the following :

    "D:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -ProfileManager

    Also meant to add (can't edit comments for some reason) - you'll need to make sure there are no instances of FireFox running too.
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