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    hoping someone can help. I am using firefox in ubuntu. I accidently told firefox to automatically associate a certain file type with a program. How can i change how firefox automatically deals with this file. rep given


    what exactly do u mean, do you set the the file to open with firefox? and want to change it to something else? or have i misunderstood

    I thought ubuntu geeks knew everything?…tml

    Ever have the need to change the program or application that a file type is associated to in GNOME? If so, you can easily make the modifications in Ubuntu (or any Linux distribution).

    To do so, open up Nautilis (click on Places in the top panel menu then open your home directory) and find the file type that you want to change the association.

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    yeah. i told firefox to automatically open torrent files with a different program b mistake and i want to be ablt to just save the file

    in firefox go to Edit> Preferences> applications find the torrent content type and change the drop down list to save file

    lol i just installed ubuntu today :P
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