Can anyone recomend a good free firewall??my norton is about to expire & i don't want to renew as expensive. i have windows XP

    Cheers x


    i have used zonealarm free edition for years with no problems. i highly recommend it.

    Zone Alarm is the best if you want a free one mate

    Use the one that comes with Windows. It's no less secure than any other firewall, but it wins as it's free, and extremely light on system resources. It's practically silent too, so you won't be annoyed by it constantly popping up to advertise itself. Just click

    Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall

    Set it to On, click OK, and you're sorted.

    Kerio 2.1.5 (nothing more recent) -…opf

    The best and lightest firewall out there, and free.


    i only use the windows firewall, the others just did my head in asking for this and that all the time



    Comodo is slightly better than ZoneAlarm as it doesn't bother you as much with questions and doesn't hog quite as many resources, but is just a secure.

    For AV use Avast (AVg is ok but gets slightly annoying with it's update process).

    This is a great site for your free utilities... Reviews and direct links..


    Get yourself Zone Alarm. Never had a problem with it!

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    thank you all, i knew i could rely on you ;0)

    Comodo is briliant it's low profile and let's you know when an application is connecting to the net and let's you decide what action to take, mine has crashed a few times, but much better interface than ZAlarm
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