Firewire HDD enclosure

    Hi folks,
    I'm having problems with xp seeing my firewire HDD enclosure, The drive is 100% working as I have tried it on another pc.
    Can anyone suggest anything as I will end up formating the drive otherwise...



    Has your firewire card got the latest drivers? You could try reinstalling that.


    connect the drive and right click my computer and select manage. then select device manager and make sure there are no yellow warning signs next to the FW card or drive...if there is then right click it and select uninstall driver and replug.. put any driver disks you have and install.. should work after that

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help guys..
    I tried getting drivers but card is old and no drivers to be found.
    Couldn't see card in the device manager, could in the other pc, so I thought I'd take out the card and give the pc a spring clean at the same time...
    Put the card back and all is working fine..
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