Firewire PCI Card

    Hi guys,

    Where the best/cheapest place to get a Firewire card from ?

    I want to put some camcorder holiday moments onto a DVD?

    I'm not to up with these, but are they "universal" or are some better than others ?




    hi, i've a unused pinnacle express dv box set. i think it might suit u. I get it from a friend, but i'm using laptop, no chance to use it at all

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    Does that include the PCI card ?

    I've seen a few on Ebay with 8 ports (4 USB2 & 4 Firewire) for £15 - not too bothered about the software as that can be aquired.

    If it has the card included, how much are you looking for it mate ?


    i'm not sure how much it worth, it comes with some softwares, manuals, pci card for IEEE1394 and 1 IEEE1394 to mini 1394. all items are sealed, just opened box. i've found that most of the pinnacle product cost more than 50 pound. maybe i should sell mine for around 28? let me know if you are happy with it and how do u wish to complete the transaction

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    Hi Jacky,

    Thanks for the offer, but I only really need the PCI card - and I can get one for £15 from the internet. You may be better off selling yours on the ikes of Ebay etc. If you want to sell it to me for £15, let me know, if not, thank you for the post,


    make it 22 pound delivered. tell me what u think

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    You have a PM Jacky

    sorry, i'm new to HUKD, what is PM?

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    Private Message !

    It's ok, I have got it now - cheers anyway

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    Cheers 4 the posts Jacky - got one for £8 from Ebuyer

    thats great, i'm sorry but i think the software makes it expensive. anyway, if any one interested with it, could make it 18 pound delivered. could make a ebay listing for you if you want and could pay via paypal. i've more than 300 feedbacks in ebay.
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