First childs bike - Hudora Joey?

I've found this bike the Hudora Joey balance bike which I thought looked fab for my son's Birthday. I can only find it on one website which it comes in at £50 plus postage. Just wondered if any of you had any ideas where I could either try and find it, or know of somewhere that sell them. It doesn't have to be this exact bike, similar would be fine.
If any of you have one or know of anyone that has one it would be great to hear about it. :thumbsup: Cheers jellybaby

The website i found was myfirstbike.co.uk/pur…htmmyfirstbike.co.uk/pur…htm Have a look if you havn't seen them before they look great!



For my sons I wanted their first bike to be something that would be sturdy and that wouldn't fall apart after 10 minutes play. I looked at all the plastic 'bob the builder' type bikes in Halfords and Argos, but wasn't really impressed.

After speaking to a few Americans on the a web forum I found out the big make that everyone in the US is going for is Winther, a typical super strength german make of kids toys.

The only site I can find in the UK is adventuretoys.co.uk/pro…618

The trike I bought in the end is now 4 years old and has really withstood some serious kid battering, it still looks brand new. Its that well made at 14stone I can stand on the back and push my boys along.

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Thanx a lot, my son has a trike very similar that ( mind you not as well built, you wouldn't get me on the back!) It was really one of these balance bikes i was looking at. Apparentley they don't need stabilisers when they then go up to a proper bike. Not sure if i should go for it or not!! I thought maybe someone out there had heard or have one. Perhaps it's not such a good idea after all.:?
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