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First come first served: £10 Razer discount for today only. Can only be applied to £99 or more item

Posted 27th Feb
I just got this deal in my email and its of no use to me. I thought i would offer it to this site since i browse here a lot looking for bargains. Good community

They must have offered it to me because i had bought a fight stick from them in January but i dont have anything else i want from them. Im not really in the mood to throw down £100 randomly haha. The code only works for today

and PSA i suppose, if you are registered to RAZER check your email.

Their fightsticks are still on SALE and they are amazing. So happy with my Panthera i bought in January. Quality stick so if you are considering getting one i highly recommend it.


since the email was given to me i assume its 1 use only. First come first served
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tried to use the link but it doesnt take you to the website sorry. i copied and pasted it but its not happening haha

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