First Direct Loan Interest Refund - PPI 2?

    I took out an £11,000 car loan with First Direct in September 2011. I have received a letter from First Direct ( genuine ) to the effect that because I wasn't informed of my right to repay the loan early all interest charged on the loan is being refunded. In my case £427.50. I didn't apply for the refund and, truth be told, couldn't initially even remember having had the loan ( old age! ).

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    I also had one from M & S bank because of a personal loan (for a car). Letter received last week. Being refunded for amount of interest charged before i was correctly told about the over/early payments i could of made. Thought it was a scam, but everything checks out. I think there must be another "scandal" to hit them, and they're paying out, before paying additional (fines) on top.
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