First gas BBQ help- what bottle connector do i need?

Found 8th Jun 2015
hi there HUKD community. i recently bought one of the Aldi dual gas burners for £40, and it came with a connector for a gas bottle. i wanted to order one of the 13kg butane bottles from here…er/ however i wondered if the type of connector i have would be suitable for this bottle. i cant find any 'mm' markings on the connector i have that denotes the size of it.....

help much appreciated guys.. going to upload a photo of what i have...
this is a link to the bbq i bought....…687
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actually on the underside it does say '27' on it.. and i think i read somewhere that this bbq may come with a 27mm connector... does anyone who has more experience than me care to offer any thoughts...


gas bbq's usually use propane as it burns at an higher temperature then butane but you should be able to buy a converter from hard ware shops that sell BBQ's
thanks for that Kallum- any idea what size regulator it is that i have? having read up it seems there is only two types of regulator, red for propane @ 27mm, and blue for butane @ 21mm. So im pretty sure im answering my own question here.......
Looks alike a patio gas regulator, for propane you would have a threaded connector. You can replace that regulator for a propane regulator if you want as standard propane tanks are cheaper than patio gas tanks. For butane you want this regulator.
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so i could get this...

and attach it to my current orange pipe to fit this...…er/



so i could get … so i could get this... attach it to my current orange pipe to fit this...

Yes that looks right for the Gasdeal tank.
lovely thanks. :-)

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