First-Gen. iPod Shuffle (512MB)

    As per the title, I'm after an 'old' iPod shuffle.

    My dad likes to listen to The Archers omnibus whilst commuting, and as the BBC now podcast the programme I thought it was the perfect time to move away from the ol' cassette method. He isn't really into computers, but I've set iTunes to automatically download and playlist the episodes and he's currently borrowing my iPod to listen to them on. The only problem is that he doesn't like using my MP3 player for fear of losing or damaging it, and as I'm trying to keep the entire process as automated as possible non-Apple products are a bit of a headache.

    Long story short, I'm after the cheapest iPod possible. It will purely be used for listening to said programme, so 512MB is more than sufficient.

    I'm guessing that eBay is my best bet, but I thought I'd ask in case anyone knew of somewhere that sold refurbished models or some such.

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    1Gb refurbished £26.50:
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