First Holiday - 2008

    hi guys.

    lookin to go away with the mates for the first time next june, and was wondering if you've got any suggestions on destinations, or have seen any deals. we were looking at san antonio bay ibiza. then we fancied greece. then changed to gran canaria. then tenerife. so as you can see we'e open to any destination within reason. can only manage the 1 week tho, and we need to go either the 14th, 15th or 16th. quite a tight budget as we'r all students, so it'll b £400 max. not bothered about the board, but at least 3star. our available airports are glasgow, edinburgh and prestwick.

    also a place with cheap booze woulddn't go a miss :-D

    any help?

    cheers :thumbsup:


    Salou - Costa Dorada £281 Self Catering Glasgow Airport…ges

    Heard Great things about Salou but never been there myself.
    Did Aiya Napa a few years ago went All-Inclusive cost a bit more to book but saved a fortune on food & booze as we got drunk before we went out.

    GO to brilliant holidays cheap too!

    Have you thought about Benidorm? Portland Direct Benidorm Plaza 4* from Glasgow 14/06/08 two rooms half board total price for party of four £1476 thats £369 per person. Good price for half board and a fabulous destination with lots of cheap booze and great free entertainment, spoilt for choice.:thumbsup:

    Benidorm is the place to go for your first holiday ;). Good deal above as well

    After nights of drinking they will never make breakfast lol. Look at greek islands, tenerife is good for a party too.

    Ibiza can be expensive esp if you want to go clubbing esp with entrance fees e.g. 50 euros

    What type of music are you into? Do you want a cheap sleezy clubbing holdiday?

    go to Benidorm we went there on our first lads holiday, great place, not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, we stayed at the Levante Club hotel which is 4* half board and cost us £333 for 7 days but that was from Manchester, i would definately reccomend this Hotel,

    Try [url][/url] they have good prices and fly from Prestwick, tried to look at their site but they are doing maintenance on it at the moment. A number of Scottish travel agents have excellent deals with Seguro so worth going to see your local travel agent.

    Original Poster

    thanx guys.

    just back from the travel agents getting quotes. best deal i got was for benidorm.

    £266 for 1 week H/B. and £417 for 2 weeks H/B.

    seems like a really good deal.

    sound like a good one?

    staying at the hotel venus which if i remember is a 4 star.

    Sounds good to me, book it while it's still available!:w00t:

    Benidorm is amazing been there a few times, if your ordering spirts, keep talking to the waiter when he pours it and youll get like 3/4 a glass.

    Original Poster

    my mates found a reli good website today [url][/url].

    it books the flight and hotel seperatly.

    i can now get 1 week F/B for £245 in benidorm. minus transfers.…s=3

    with this 3star hotel.

    what you think?

    Personally I would choose The Hotel Venus, It has great reviews on The Trip Advisor web site where as The Sol y Sombre is reviewed as a terrible hotel with awful food, a small deep dirty pool and you need a taxi ride to the bars/clubs etc as it is on The Poniente Beach side and The Venus is in an excellent position close to everything on The Levante Beach side ( which I think is where you ought to be) Also transfers from Alicante to Benidorm would cost much more than what you'd save booking hotel and flight seperately. Hope that helps.

    Original Poster

    right this seems like my other option, and also is really appealing.

    1 week s/c alpha apartments benidorm

    £191 :thumbsup:

    seems a good deal, jst looking for some views before i book.

    the apartments have really good reviews on trip advisor.

    and opinions?

    If you want cheap beer, have you looked at Bulgaria??
    The local Beer £0.35p for 1/2 litre!! with Becks, Stella etc a bit more.

    We have just come back from Sunny beach really hot, loads of pubs/ clubs.
    The food is also cheap 3 course meal £8/9.
    We went through Balkan holidays, but I guess you could find a better deal.

    Original Poster

    cheers mate, we just feel that benidorm, santa ponsa, ibiza... ect are more traditional first holidays with friends therefore we're looking to stick to them. but thanx for the tip for the future.

    we were at ibiza this year and its was more expensive than other places we've been, so if on a budget maybe benidorm is best I've been there aswell very nice!

    Alpha Apartments sound fine, basic, cheap, friendly, no frills a place to crash not far from the square if thats what you want go for it.:-D

    Try Ibiza on a DIY deal.

    For my stag do, I got return flights from Leeds Bradford for £36 and booked a week in Casa Maria in SanAn town which was superb. Think that was about £100.

    Casa Maria is right in the centre but on a really quiet street so you can get some kip too.

    Check out cheap flights from your local airport and price up Casa Maria - you definitely would not regret it.

    Plus you can make your stay as cheap or expensive as you want in SanAn - yes theres expensive clubs but theres plenty of other options too.

    sorry to hijack but i also thinking of going on my first holiday with my mates next summer

    does anyone know any deals from manchester or liverpool please

    sorry requirements as the original poster
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