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Have decided to give online shopping a go and was wondering which supermarkets people would recommend and also which ones offer the best discounts to first time orders? Best I've found so far are Sainsbury's offering £18 off orders that are £60 or over and Ocado/Waitrose doing something similar. Is anything available for Tesco, Morrisons or Asda?
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First order Discounts, Is that a HotUKdeal - stars wars story :-)
Ocado usually give you free delivery for like 3 months and I get regular vouchers with discounts.
Last one was free groceries worth £30.
I also got £12 off after doing 3 shoppings with them in a certain period and regular 10% off vouchers or more.
They also give you 5p or something like that for each carrier bag you give them to recycle.
Gave them 100 last time (I had accumulated them from all my online shopping orders) and it worked out like a little discount.
No other supermarket takes bags to recycle and gives you money off. You can give them any bags. They don't have to be from Ocado only.
I'm not a first time shopper with them anymore and still get lots of perks.

I don't get anything similar from the other supermarkets. After the first time they never really sent me anything enticing to make me shop with them again.
I still use Sainsbury's sometimes because I get colleague discount and the Nectar points but I think Ocado are my favourite supermarket.

They also stock stuff the others don't sell at all like Radicchio, which is an Italian vegetable I like.

If I had to choose between all the others (I tried Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose) I'd go with Sainsbury's... They give you vouchers sometimes like money off a certain product etc or bonus Nectar points.
Asda have messed up my last two orders.
Tesco have been ok so far but I never get any discounts on anything.
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I used to use ASDA and they where good to start with but the more popular its become the worse they got, its a pain when something is not available and the substitute is totally different, on 3 occasions multipack cat food had been substituted with dog food, who in their right mind would do this, I'm sure the staff member must have been disgruntled. I complained and it happened twice again. Don't use them anymore.
AmazonFresh have £15 off first three shops WYS £80. Haven't used them before but if they are in your area they might be worth a shot (taking out the free trial for the discount then cancelling). There are quite a few electricals on there too for some reason.
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