First person to get GTA IV and get home wins! (sorry mods)

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Found 28th Apr 2008
ok, first person to post a pic of the game with a piece of paper with their username on wins the prize for 'speediest nerd'. i post this knowing that when you all get home from queuing up for the game the first thing you'll think of doing is photographing it and posting it here

please note, there is no actual prize...


just seen loads of sad people out lol my copy is in my friends but i still dont have a ps3 or 360 lol

I dont know wether to get this yet, i'm playin Euro 2008 at the mo, i'm not that desperate for it to be honest, I hate things that are so hyped up.

i thought first thing to do would be to start playing it? lol

Please keep GTA posts to the discussion thread here:…ad/

As Magic_monkey says...

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