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Found 10th Dec 2014
Hey all,

Moved to Bristol a few months ago and have been commuting on an old mountain bike but it's really slow and far too tough for a commute..

I'm looking to buy my first road bike, I have a budget of £500..

Can anybody help? Not really a clue where to start!


My advice would be to search for 'cycle' or 'bike' on here for the last year and spend half an hour having a read through all the road-bike threads. There is a load of useful info in there and, like you, I am about to move from mountain-biking back to road bikes and I was simply out of date... but I learnt an awful lot by reading the comments below each of the road bike deals.

My partner has just done the same thing..He loves the sites.. chain reaction...and wiggle.. chain reaction has a sale at the moment xx

Triban 500 is £429 at the moment and that will give you some change for some accessories aswell

Chain Reaction and Wiggle are great sites. Wouldn't recommend any Halfords own brand stuff but the Carrera Bikes they stock are a decent starting point. £500 will get you a Carrera Road bike with a bit of change if you can hold out for a sale or an offer. Bonus with Halfords is you can see what what you are buying rather than a picture of it but Chain Reaction will have a bigger selection. As others have said, reasearch is key. Make sure you read up before you bite the bullet so to speak


This would be a great start. Presumably you have the basics (helmet and lights etc) from your current bike?

They do some cheaper Carreras but this one has Carbon Fibre forks (as opposed to Steel) which will be light but strong and will also offer slightly better shock absorsion vs a steel fork

Personally I'd steer clear of halfords, much better value for money at a bike specialists

if your buying new, check your work place doesnt have a cycle 2 work scheme. I think it saves you the tax portion on a bike and acceseries so a potential 20% saving.

If you're fit go for a single speed/fixie, if not get an entry level Giant.
Nice - good buy personally wouldn't bother with the cycle to work scheme any more its pretty much been strangled.

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Original Poster

Thanks everyone! I've got decent accessories so just need the actual bike.. Would rather support a local shop but I suppose hard to really get a good deal there?

Also is there much difference with 14 / 15 models?

Will search threads tomorrow and try and pick up some quick knowledge!

Have a look on Misc - there's quite a few cycling threads..


I ride a Claude Butler - had it a few years and it's still going strong
had new wheels, tyres, chain, seat, handle bars, pedals.. still the same bike though

You probably have a good chance of being able to negotiate a slightly better price at a local shop. You might be able to pick up an ex display model for a little less if it didnt bother you being ex display.

Normally differences between 14 and 15 models will be colour and sometimes components.

2015 models are available now, so this is the time to look for a good deal on a 2014 model.

If you have a local bike shop drop in and ask them a few questions about some of the bikes they have there


Give those a read too, it'll give you an introduction to types of bikes and also diffrerent info about them as well
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