First shaver for a teenage boy??

Found 30th Dec 2009
my lad has developed a nicely "dirty" top lip and we're not far away from him thinking about shaving

He has limited fine motor skills and wet shaving would be difficult for him. Any suggestions for a decent low-mid range shaver that would be easy to use, does the job Ok and is suitable for sensitive skin?? He hasa no idea what to use, and i'm too "girly" to advise!!!
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just get a boots own brand one, thats what my first one was and it did the job great get a twin foil one

Looked at this … Looked at this one then found similar priceor is under £30 too cheap to do a decent job anyway???

The braun looks to be a better shape to hold, I'm not a fan of foil shavers though, I'd rather go for the type with round disks (rotary), when I cant be bothered to have a wet shave I've got one of the older philips coolskin ones that takes little cartridges of Nivea, (apparantley the newer range isnt a patch on the original).

I think as a starter one though either of the two you have spotted will be fine.

Nothing compares to a proper wet shave though, although I wouldn't recommend the razor I use as its a open (cut throat) razor:w00t: None of the disposable or cartridge razors come close in how close a shave they give,
Son is quite small for his age - those rotary ones look quite cumbersome and large to me, so would they work for him?
I admit I was looking at the foil ones for size more than any other reason

rep given to you both
awww - still remember when i started shaving for the first time. The lads in school wud not leave it be - sad gits lol
He's getting teased enough about it by his sister without them starting at school - hey ho.......
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