First time at an airport - a few questions

    Actually not my first time, I traveled as a kid but of course my parents did all the 'stuff' then and it was 10+ years ago.

    Just a few quick questions if any one in the know has a second.

    1 - Can you take food to eat there? We will be travelling from like 11am - 7pm and don't want aeroplane food so were just planning on taking a sandwhich to eat at some point between checking in and getting on the plane but some people have told me you can't do that.

    2 - Is it worth paying for priority boarding to ensure we can sit together, or as there's only 2 of us are we likely to be OK in that respect any way (Ryan Air if it makes any difference).

    Thanks all


    don't say the word "bomb" is my advice

    ive always got a seat next to my partner without booking seat together and the last time i went away i took some food with me to the airport, plus there is places to eat in the airport so you can always get a proper meal before you get on the plane.

    ive always took sandwiches for airport for my DD and never had a problem, but as said we have eaten at airport aswell, bk, mac d's or even a pub lunch etc

    1. I think it depends on where you are travelling to and what the food consists of.

    As it is Ryanair...

    If you really want to sit together make sure you get in the queue to board really quick! I flew back last week and people were in line for 2hours before we boarded to make sure they had seats together!
    You can take food to the airport but security may not let you take it through to departures and you should not attempt to take any on the plane just incase!
    There are plenty of places to eat but usually a lot more expensive. Depends on the airport really as to what is there. Most larger ones have a cheaper weatherspoons.
    Check out internet for what is at the airport.
    Bear in mind Ryanair do not normally announce flight departures so if you are in a corner having a picnic you need to make sure you are near a screen to watch for departures as they can also be early!!! ( I got caught out once and nearly missed it!)
    Have a great time tho!!!

    I wouldn't have chosen Ryanair for my "first"flight experience.

    Travelled by plane loads and never got split from the person I was travelling with.

    If we ever don't have in flight meals we pick up a Boots meal deal in the departure lounge and take that on the plane. Less than £4 for a triple sandwich, piece of cake and a large bottle of water. Good value considering airport prices.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all, I am sure it will be fine once we get there.

    I am just a nervous ninny with it being my first time and the OH is terrified of flying so will be sat in a corner wailing somewhere and won't be much use so the more I can know before we get there the better!

    Have a nice flight


    Shauneco - I lolled


    Have a nice flight

    That looks like KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736

    OP - Which Airport you flying from and to? 8 hours, is that from leaving your house to arriving at your final destination ?

    My advice would be to buy some food in the airport... ensure you buy a few drinks in the terminal rather onboard (Boots is always a good cheap option.)

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    Original Poster

    Flying from East Mids to Lanzarote and yeah the time is from leaving the house to arriving, the flight itself is 4 hours.

    I have had a look on their website now and you can get a sandwhich, packet of crips and a drink for £3.90 from somewhere called AMT coffee so we'll just do that.

    The bargain hunter in me says why pay for food when I can take it for free, but the nervous traveller in me says just pay it you skint flint it's worth it to have one less thing to be worrying about!

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