First Time Driver Insurance


    I am going through the process of applying for car insurance on my first ever car.

    However the lesson an hour before my driving test, a car drove into the back of us.

    One of the insurance questions is asking me:

    "Have you had any motor accidents, claims or losses in the past 5 years, no matter who was at fault or if a claim was made?"

    "It is really important to tell us about any fault or non-fault claims, accidents or losses, including incidents using a motorbike or van."

    p.s. Not my car / Insurance this was provided by my Driving Instructor, fitted with dual controls.

    Any Help Appreciated.


    In my opinion. This would need to be declared to your insurance as you were the driver at the time of the incident. Judging by the circumstances it could be recorded as non fault but either way it would need to be declared.

    It depends if any claim was made. If nothing went through police or insurance I wouldn't declare it. We already get screwed enough by car insurance companies.

    Not your car/insurance = not your problem. Your instructor put this through his insurance. You wouldn't declare an accident as a passenger, which is effectively what you are when you are 'under instruction'

    Not an expert by any means but if you're struggling to get advice from your instructor, here's my take on it:-

    I think the key to this is whether you will be named as the (learning) driver when/if your instructor makes a claim or reports to his insurance company.

    If yes, then it's possible your new insurance policy could be invalidated when you have to make a claim (whether or not it's likely they'll trace it back to you, who knows).

    If no, you should safely be able to say "No" on the first question.

    Either way I would speak with your instructor about it, he'll probably know more.

    It wasn't your insurance policy, So no need to declare it.

    well done passing your test after someone went into the back of the car an hour before!
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