First time laptop... help and advice?

Hi, guys. I wonder if any of you can help a laptop newbie with some info/deals.

I'm looking for a laptop, but one that with specs that will last for a good few years... so not necessarily the cheapest. I doubt I'll use it for anything massively demanding (gaming or the like), but I would be interested in one that houses a video card that is capable of playing HD movies - when I try to run them on the PC I'm on at the moment, they're jumpy.

I know Dell do good deals, but is there anywhere else I should consider? And how do I go about considering upgrades, are they worth doing? If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be brilliant.


To be honest i'm no good with laptop spec and things like that. however if you were thinking about buying through Dell phone them up and haggle I saved us a fortune (well 20%) on our PC just by asking and putting on a bit of pressure for a reduction in price. I also made them call me so didn't spend a fortune on the phone call. If you don't get someone willing to give a reduction on price then phone up and get someone else who is. The other tip is to buy through the business site you will again save money but I know it means there are more restrictions on returning the item that you'll need to check out.

Hope this helps you a bit

Had 2 laptops from Dell.Both very reasonably priced,good spec and neither ever let us down.Don't forget the 4.5% Quidco as well.
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