First time order with Dell...Over 4 weeks wait??

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Found 2nd Jan 2009
Placed an order with Dell yesterday for an item advertised as 'shipped within 24 hours', however I got an order confirmation email with an estimated delivery date of 30/01/2009.

Needless to say I am not pleased at all with this and have asked them to confirm if the estimated date is for real (and if so then I want to cancel).

Now I understand when you have a PC built by them you can expect something of a wait but this is a peripheral item they don't have to build: they either have it in stock or they don't, and if they cant ship promptly then I have to assume the latter is true (and with that being the case they should either update the item description or warn a customer before taking their money).

Anyway, I just want to ask if this is typical of Dell? (this was my first order with them) and what I can expect in how fast they will cancel and refund me for the item (so I can get it elsewhere)


It says Estimated, youll probably have it within 10 days

dell told me mine would be 3 weeks, turned up 3 days later

its estimated in case they don't have a part etc

Thats the risk in ordering from these small fly by night cowboys . . . . . .

Like T0mm said, prob be with you in 10 days

Dell build to order and unfortunately if they get a large order from a major company they push your order back.

We waited 6 weeks for 3 PC's we ordered from them. Needless to say it was the first and last time we ordered from Dell.

I love Dell computers, they are well made and work well, but the delivery charges and times are restrictive to say the least.

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Thanks for the replies.:thumbsup:

Will just have to see what Dell say when they get back to me now.

they always over estimate, i have had 4 systems from them, none have took longer than 5 days even tho they say 28 days etc. i did not rate dell but now i would say that their customer service is 5 stars, had 1 problem and they couriered a dvd drive next day for me.

Had similar issue with my Dell PC in 2007 but it did arrive within 2 weeks after all, and £500 for a high spec PC, Office and 22" monitor was good news in my book. Still working fine

Dell now sell through resellers and in-store (Comet etc) now. I ordered a Dell laptop from the Dixons site because it said it was in stock, cheaper than Dell themselves and gave egg cashback. Turned up 2 days later - all good

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Well, they have got back to me and confirmed they do not currently have any stock of the item and the estimated date is a likely to be correct :-(

I have seen the same thing elsewhere for a couple of pounds more that is stated as being in stock (I hope) so I've asked to cancel and will try the other one (

Though I cant say I'm happy that this was a waste of time in the end I will credit Dell for responding quickly to my question.

OP - My Dell laptop was posted a month ago tomorrow and I don't even have a delivery date yet!
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