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Found 7th May 2014
I'm moving house soon and so I'm hiring a ford transit van for it. I've never driven one before. Can anyone offer any extra advice for me please?

Thank you!!
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Take it slowly, be aware of the extra width and height. Don't panic it's not that difficult. Use and adjust the side mirrors as you will have no centre mirror which is a bit weird.

Take corners a little wider to avoid curbing the rear wheels.

Avoid reversing where possible, it can be tricky.

Lastly, remember you're in a white van, you own the road
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I agree with musician, you get used to it very quickly, whats more difficult is going back to your extremely low down car afterwards.

I'd say the main issue is height, especially driving near trees overhanging the road, if you do drive under trees and you hear a little bit of a patter on the roof don't worry you cant help it and it wont really damage the van so don't worry about having to pay for repairs or anything. Just be aware that the power will not be as much as when you drive it from the hire place when you are fully loaded so try to leave plenty of time for pulling out of junctions etc.
As above just look out for clipping the kerbs, you will soon get used to it, it's just like a big car
Cut people up and remember the 2 main points of van driving,horn and finger
Don't forget to use your flashing park anywhere lights!
No matter how fast you drive hog the 3rd lane of the motorway use your mobile whilst driving and don't indicate ever
Don't floor it, the acceleration will be faster than your reactions, take your time and get used to it and use your mirrors.

Also remember to overtake in dangerous sitations, undertake, don't indicate, tailgate, drive everywhere in 3rd for maximum effect, wear a grubby top or none at all, have a spotty lad of 17/18 in the passenger seat, look at other drivers in a threatening manner and....park wherever you like.
3 points for kids, 5 for adults, 7 for pensioners and 10 for cyclists
And don't forget to park close to the new place to avoid long journeys
what van thinking of renting good old transit or like sprinter ?
A transit isn't that much bigger than a 'normal' sized car so you will be fine. I drove a long wheel based transit for the first time a few weeks ago and after then initial worry of hitting things going around sharp corners it was fine. Use your mirrors and if in doubt go slowly and wider around things than you would normally.
Watch your braking distances, they can be pigs to stop when heavily loaded.
Pack the kettle so it's easy to get to..that's the first thing you need at the new place.
Make sure you know where the fuel filler is so you aren't wandering round the van looking stupid at the petrol station.
make sure the slidy door works as we've seen some rental ones where it's knackered.

We hired LWB Sprinters for a job at work and they're a doddle as long as you remember to give left hand turns a bit more room.
Most of what's been said above

- Loaded they take more distance to stop than your car so watch your distances to the vehicle in front and leave space for braking.
- DO take photo of the van before and after your rental to avoid later charges even weeks after returning it (I've seen a few people get charged for dents that they did not cause).
- Load it correctly
- Take your time to get where you need to go
- Have someone guide you in when reversing (first few times will be hard until you get used to it)
- Check the radio works (I spent many long hours in my last rental transit and it was broken and an awful experience)
Keep a mattress in the back just in case you get laid.
drive carefully or airfix will report you
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Thank you all for your advice. It's much appreciated. I am still very nervous about driving it! I'm hoping it will all go okay though haha
The main problem is your view out the near side window when coming to an obscure junction,
try and come onto the junction with a clear view on that side.
Thanks for all the help. The moving went really well and I was confident mainly to te comment I've received.

Thank you all hotukdealers
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