Fish Eye Lens for Nikon D40?

    Was looking to purchase a fish eye lens for my nikon d40 but don't really know what to get, what to look out for, what the good brands etc are!

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Not too bothered about price so long as it's good!



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    Have some rep :thumbsup:

    What do you want it for?

    The reason I ask is, unless you have a specific job or purpose I found the fish eye to be a bit of a novelty.

    I borrowed one the other week, always wanted one, but after playing with it for a weekend I quite happily gave it back I just found I had got it outta my system lol.

    If you have any doubts try and borrow one before buying, of course if you need one then thats different.

    I have tried a few in the past, Sigma, Canon and Nikon. All much of a muchness really I think I Preferred the Canon one but not much between the Nikon and Canon. I would steer towards the lengthier mm though, I found you end up with too much barrel on the 8mm.

    Let us know what you end up with !

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    Don't actually need one tbh!
    Maybe i should take ur advice and go about borrowing one first!
    Bit of an expensive novelty else!
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