Found 4th Mar 2010
Hi my young daughter has a very small fish tank and we just got hold of 2 more little fish to go with her one already in it, we were told its best to have a filter but we never fitted one, also we were told if we was to fit the filter than the fish would have to be out of the bowl for a week while this was in the tank,

do we realy need to leave the filter in the tank for a week?



no you don't, wash the filter material first though

When you set up a fish tank you cycle the filter which means you let the good bacteria in the filter build up before adding fish, you do this by adding filter start to the tank. Seen as you already have fish in the tank and your just improving it for them, just add the filter there will be no problem:)

dont put the filter to close to the side of the tank OH did and fish got stuck and died

Add chips for ultimate taste :thumbsup:


anybody know a online store that sells good fishtanks
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