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    Hi All

    Having just purchased my first house I have decided that I miss my Dad's fish tank and would like one of my own for my house.

    I have looked about online and Ebay for a good deal, but I am unable to find anything that sticks out to me. Preferably I would like at least a 3 foot one with a cabinet and all accessories (Obviously not fish lol).

    I know that pets at home usually have deals on which is where I will check over the weekend. Their website has got some standard priced ones on there, but again, nothing with that gooder price.

    Anyone have any suggestions where I can go to find a good deal?



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    Find your local aquarium store, they all seem to have deals on tanks. That way you can get some advice as per the filter/heater setup. You might be able to do a deal instore to include some extra bits and pieces.

    You wont get any help at pets at home and the 'independent' guys should be helplful, if not go somewhere else. A good test is on weekends whether you get any help or the staff has no idea when you ask them.

    These stores are generally ok.

    The other option is to checkout your local freecyle list ]http//ww…rg/
    Someone might be giving away there tank and accesories, you would just need to go and collect it.

    Good luck!
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