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    Thinking about getting my four year of the Fisher Price Digital Camera and was wondering if anyone knew of any good deals out there.…rds!8846&keyword=%28fisher+price+digital+camera%29&match_type=&gclid=CPz8jJmq5o8CFQ1EMAodnHJrYw

    Plus is it any good? Does anyone have one? What are the photo's like?

    At the moment we're trying to decide if this is the prefect gift for him or if we'd be better getting him the VTEC Smile Pocket as he's always trying to grab his sisters NDS.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


    I'd say def go for the pocket instead - my 5 yr old daughter loves hers, it keeps her occupied for ages and they have a wide range of tv character games available, like dora, batman, disney etc, and it's for ages 3 -9yrs, so will last a while. The fisher price camera isn't worth £55 in my opinion - it got rated 2 1/2 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Hope that helps, becci

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    Thanks Becci, I'll look into the Smile Pocket a bit more then. Are the games easy to come by, it's just we got our daughter the VTec version of the 'leappad' and could not get any more books for it.



    Yes, they sell the games everywhere - toysrus, argos, woolies, boots etc, sometimes have good offers on too, woolies have a few reduced to £2.99 each! plus they have 25% off all vtech at the moment (in-store only). Worth a look

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    thanks again Becci

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    Ordered the pocket smile so now on the look out for good games for a 4/5 year old boy.

    i got my little one a 'normal' canon camera. its about a 3 or 4 pixel - which was loads higher than the fisher price one, so better quality for better price, app the performence of the fp ones is hopeless! btw, my daughter had v smile pocket - highly reccomended!

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    Thanks Hocka

    no problemo!!!!

    I actually brought two from Mothercare (buy 1 get one half price) 1 for my son the other for my daughter for christmas.

    I do think it very pricey for a digi cam for kids.

    But everytime the advert comes on the kids go crazy and wat persuaded me to buy it was the fact that its well built and can handle knocks and drops.

    And when we go on holiday or any where they can use their camera and not mess with mine lol.
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