Fisher Price or Vtech camera?

    Opinions please,
    we bought her the fisher price one in the boots Jan sale for £25 and gave it to her for her 3rd birthday in July. But when we gave it to her the flash worked once and never again. So we contacted fisher price who have 'tested' the camera and are sending us £50 Argos voucher as there is a fault. Excellent customer service esp as camera was the old style.
    Anyway now I'm wondering to get her the Fisher Price one again or go for the Vtech one..
    Just wondering what opinions you have out there. And I know the photo quality isn't great but it is only a toy at end of the day for a 3 year old!
    Thanks in advance


    fisher price is slightly better imho!

    i would go wi FP too .. my nephew has one and it's very robust compared to the V-Tech one..

    Vtech is the better one in my opinion, it also has better reviews online. My sons dropped it a number of times and theres been no problem.

    I would get a cheap basic digital camera, at 3 I would say she was old enough to handle one and the photos will be better etc.

    Definitely get her a cheap digital camera at that age. My darling grand-daughter who isn't quite 2 carried my camera in from the garden when it started to rain and we haven't been able to find it since!!

    we have a vtech, i can't believe it still works, we were looking for it for days, was on the trampoline in a puddle if water, my dog has chewed it, my daughter is often throwing the thing, the batterys seem to last a long time, batterys have been in for 3 months now it gets almost daily use, never tried the FP one but im happy with the Vtech one

    given my son my digital one..... i use the one on my camcorder more. cheap digital better option, but i can understand if u wana get a kiddy style one.

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    It prob will be a kiddy one as i'm sure she'd brake a proper one and that would be money down the drain...
    I have a feeling im going to get a 50/50 for both!

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    We went for the vtech one which is MUCH better. Thanks for all your help..x
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