fisher price spin n jump zebra, any good???

    I want to get this for my 6 month old for christmas, he will be 9 months then, I know he needs to be walking but he probably will by christmas, He has been crawling since he was 5 months 3 weeks and he is only happy when he pulls himself up to his feet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get something challenging for him that he wont get bored of straight away and this looked quite good, I f anyone has can you please let me know what its like or is there anything else someone can suggest?


    Don't know anything about today's toys (my youngest is nearly 4) but it has excellent reviews on ]Amazon

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

    I never had one for my little'ns but there was one at a party we went to and seemed to go down really well with the little ones:thumbsup:

    I got my little girl one for her 1st birthday last month and she totally loves it. So does my 2 year old. Great present in my opinion

    i got one for my little one she couldnt used it till she was around 1 tho, but still plays with it now and she's 2

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    Thanks, rep to you all!
    Is there any offers on this item at all? I begrudge spending £50 on a toy!!!!

    I also have one for my little one and he loves it ,its great the cheapest i can see atm is 44.99 at argos…bra

    cheaper at amazon by a few pence

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    It was only £38.40 on Amazon last week, Missed it!

    Amazing toy!
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