Found 4th Jan 2007
Hi all.

I'm looking for a Fisher Space Pen, or something very similar.

Basically a pen that is half the normal size but very thin. The top comes off and goes on the back to make a full size pen for writing.

Handy to store in your wallet.

Anyone seen anything similar?

Cheers for any ideas.

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to be honest, i have one of those fisher pens, and i regret it. it doesnt write very nicely. (i have a black ink one).

i dont know of any other like that.... although i have a connexions keyring pen, which is about that size. that was free in my connexions center.

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It's basically a compact pen I'm after - handy to have, fits neatly, don't know you're carrying it, etc.

At the moment I'm using a bookies pen, so you can see the need for an upgrade!

staples do cross pens that fit on the keyring
i have had one for about two years refills and smooth writing are a bonus

pen expands to write with

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Cheers Neal - My wife has just bought the very same pen for my birthday!

I love it but it won't fit my wallet. It's just too chunky.

Listed as £25 above but she got one at Fenwicks (Newcastle) for half price.

A better writer than the space pen. Didn't know you could get refills...cheers for that!

i like the pen stubby little ****** i agree but it writes nicely
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