Fishing for Crayfish?

    Hi all,

    Anyone fish/ed for Crayfish in the Canals?

    Something looking to do on a weekend, getting some fresh air etc.

    Drop some nets in.

    Anyone done it?

    Any help is appreciated.




    Ive accidently caught a crayfish before on a fishing rod and hopefully never again they are quite vicous little bell ends


    a couple of the pits where i go to are full of the little ****, they take the meat and maggots and run off around the lake making you think you have a bite, has put me off using one of the lakes as they don't give the carp a chance

    they're not active yet though as i've been there a few times so far this year and not had a single one, come mid/late summer they seem to wake up and start their mission to **** me off

    might be an idea to contact your local fishery and ask if they have a problem with them, they're usually not arsed if you take them home/kill them and you'll probably catch a few fish at the same time which is more fun than fishing for crayfish in the canal

    Hi yes I have fished for cray, they are easy to catch. I just had a cane with a piece of string long enough to reach the bottom of the river, and tie a quarter rasher of bacon on the end. They tend to be in holes in the riverbank below the surface. Just dangle the bacon on the bottom near the holes and the little blighters will come and start to nibble, you can then gently pull them out of the water but take a childs fishing net to put under the crayfish once it is our of the water as they have a habit of dropping off just before you get them to the riverbank. Dont put your fingers anywhere near their claw as they can nip.
    Once you get enough, take them home and plunge them into boiling water for about 5 minutes, they taste fab.
    Good luck.

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys for the comments.

    I'd like to have a bash later on.


    I'd like to have a bash later on.

    Too much information. oO


    Too much information. oO

    Loooool. Quality



    Too much information. oO

    Ill give you that shake hands

    You are supposed to have a licence for public waterways. Even though DEFRA designate American Crayfish a pest. Will not stop you getting a fine if you are unlucky though.

    if your thinking of eating them watch monsters inside me

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shows you how to catch crayfish on this video, scroll 13 mins into video for crayfish part…e-4

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