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Found 3rd Dec 2009
Im looking for a starter kit for my son (8yo) and me to start fishing,
we dont have anything so ideally want a full kit with rod, net, tackle ect, would prefer a telescopic rod as we do quite a bit of walking so that would be handy but not essential.
dont know if he will enjoy it so dont want to spend too much money on it.
tried argos but not sure if there stuff is decent quality?
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get down to poundland mate they have loads of fishing gear fair enough its prob not up to much but would would do a youngster esp like you say he mght not like it, i was very surprised by all the fishing stuff they had
argos do some cheap sets but the reels are rubbish, my husband got a rod from there but we changed the reel. This is definately worth getting from there though


This is what my husband is getting me for xmas


shimano is one of the best fishing makes out there, this is obviously one of there lower spec models but is great value for the price
ok ive got know idea why that link isnt opening but its the product number 325/0338

Also this has good reviews but if your luky enough to catch a decent carp it will more than likely break

That was the keenets beginers fishing set at argos, product 325/0730 at £19.99- Why are none of my links opening
My ebay link not working either, search for this in ebay and you will see what i was talking about and hopefuly getting for xmas from my hubby "shimano 6'6 rod reel"
thanks for the effort, will try the links now!
cheers jamstar, will head down there on sat, rep added!
hi saz, is all of the tackle for carp fishing? were proberly going to be river fishing most so will need a different set up yeh? cheers for the help so far, rep added.
you can use the same tackle but if your fishing on a moving river you will need to set your line with a weight on the bottom so your float doesnt keep just moving down stream, if you get a book on coarse fishing it wil tell you about all the different ways you can set your rod up for different conditions
Argos do a decent little telescopic rod/reel set with some tackle. When I started fishing this is what my old man bought me. I'll have a look for a link!

Why are none of my links opening

im afraid your not aloud to post ebay links, if you do post one they are blocked so it wont work.
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