Fishing Trip Recommendations?

    Hi all
    I'm after a good fishing trip package (preferably in the UK) to give as a surprise gift. I would like it to cover a weekend with accommodation and meal(s) and would like it to have various options such as night fishing/sea fishing etc.

    I have tried looking but when I think I've found a good one, I ummm and ahhhhh because I don't know anything about fishing so don't know if the one I've found is a good deal after all!

    It would be great if someone could help, thanks xxx


    I had to find the same thing for my OH recently, I didn't find any packages, but if you google fishing trips ( I was looking for scarborough) You will find loads of sites advertising charter boats.
    Once you have the number of a skipper, give them a ring! They will, on the whole, give you loads of advice on where to stay etc.

    hi this place is lancashire it has places to stay fishing night and day bar and somewhere to eat

    Banned this is near eastbourne so you could pop olong to the coast for a bit of beach casting

    How about some Shark fishing in Looe Cornwall ?
    Here's one link but Google Looe Shark Fishing for many more. You'll need to make sure he goes in the proper season for shark fishing though.…tml

    There's also a very nice village in Cornwall called Mousehole which caters a lot for fishing. Inland there's a reservoir filled with carp and tench owned by the local water authority. I think the only way to fish it is by getting tickets from the local Post Office but I'm going back a few years now so things may have changed.
    Don't forget he will need licenses for inland fishing.

    Mousehole link :…htm

    Original Poster

    Thanks to everyone who replied, some good info there which I will check out. Much appreciated & rep left :thumbsup:

    For anyone else after similar deep sea fishing trips try - it's THE place to organise a place on a top UK charter boat. Many have single places on individuals days - you don't need to book the whole boat. Most will hire you all the tackle you need if required and bait is often included - the best bait is freshly caught anyway!

    If you're after some advice on which charter to choose, or a recommendation try a friendly fishing forum like . It's the fish that bite, not the anglers!

    have fun whereever you decide
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